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Whether you’ve worked with cattle, milked cows, branded steers, or not, if you ever yearned to farm or manage a ranch, you’ll enjoy these heartwarming and dramatic stories. Whatever your mood, you’ll find a tale in this book that will entertain you or bring you good cheer. You can change a milking machine, change a tractor tire, switch buggy drivers, but the big change will come from reading this book. It will change your life...for the butter. Read more

About C. R. Lindemer

C. R. Lindemer is the editor of the children’s picture book Beauly the Donkey-Mooing Beltie and runs the editorial service business Boston Road Communications. She and her family have a small farm and apple orchard in eastern Massachusetts. Ms. Lindemer grew up on a Minnesota dairy farm west of Minneapolis.
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Excerpt from the Book

“When I was a kid we had this one cow named Mabel...” I can hear my husband launching into one of his farm stories, and I cringe because I know the city women at this dinner party will soon be rolling their eyes. “She was a huge cow, more the size of an ox than a regular dairy cow, with horns that came around the sides of her head. And she had really big teats.” Read more

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